Judicial Proceedings Panel
Request for Information - Set #4

National Defense Authorization Act - Section 576: Independent Reviews and Assessments of Uniform Code of Military Justice and Judicial Proceedings of Sexual Assault Cases

Explanatory Information About Managing Military Justice Data for Sexual Assault Cases?

Question 89
How the Services Manage Military Justice Data for Sexual Assault Cases?

a.  How is information about the military justice processing of sexual assault cases, from initiation of adverse action (NJP or administrative separation) or preferral of charges through appeal of conviction, managed by the JAG Corps in your Service? How is individual and collective case data tracked, monitored, collected or evaluated at the command or Service level?

b.  How do the Service's SAPR legal officers obtain and aggregate information about the judicial processing of sexual assault cases to input and/or validate information in DSAID in advance of any quarterly or annual reports? Are individual case documents uploaded or linked to DSAID? If not, is the military justice information that is input into DSAID obtained from court-martial documents or other case summaries?

c.  Are case documents and/or case disposition information from sexual assault cases (whether the case is resolved via administrative separation, NJP, or court-martial) maintained electronically for tracking purposes? If not, are documents and disposition information maintained in some other way?

d.  Other than annual reports produced through DoD SAPRO via information aggregated in DSAID, what other internal or external reports are produced that summarize and/or explain the processing of sexual assault cases through the military justice system? How is information within the reports developed?

e.  Is there any additional information the Services wish to provide to the Panel regarding processing and oversight of judicial resolution of sexual assault cases?




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